My son has difficulty with math.  Challenge has been a great way to review addition, subtraction and multiplication with him.  He enjoys playing the game and wants to always win.  I must admit, I do let him win by changing my cards sometimes just to keep him happy.   There has been much improvement with his math skills, and we enjoy playing the game.




As soon as my 9 year old granddaughter comes to visit my husband and me, she wants to play Dig for Gold.  It has easy directions for us to follow and the game does not take long to play.   We always play several games allowing more than one person to win.  When we visit her, we can’t help seeing the deck of cards on the table ready for us to play.  It’s a great game for all of us.



My job requires me to be away from home during the week.  I would Skype every evening to speak to my five year old daughter.  However, I could seldom get her engaged in a conversation.  I would ask questions and her answers were usually “yes” or “no.”  Then we started playing Challenge via Skype.  While playing the game, I realized that we started talking about things other than just the numbers.    Thanks to playing Challenge conversations would begin.  I now look forward to our Skype time each night talking and playing a game that helps her with her math.



I use the games as a center in my second grade class.  The children enjoy playing, and I have seen significant progress in their addition and subtraction skills.  When playing Dig for Gold, I have the children give the sound the letters make as well as the names of the letters.  These games are a wonderful addition to our classwork.



As a home school mom, these two card games are a great break for in between subjects.   We have fun, but I feel good knowing the children are also learning.   I have seen a great improvement in their knowing the letters and numbers since we have been playing the games.



Mrs. Lucy has been teaching my daughter, a 19-year-old student with special needs.  She comes home every day happy, enthusiastic and feeling good about herself.  The results of Mrs. Lucy’s techniques of teaching – play, learn and praise – are very apparent and successful as can be seen by the progress my daughter has made.


She enjoys being with Mrs. Lucy and has learned a great deal in the relatively short period of time they have been together.  My daughter told me about the games she plays with Mrs. Lucy and how she asked Mrs. Lucy if we could buy them in the store so we could play them at home as a family.



I learn a lot from Mrs. Lucy.  She has introduced me to some really fun games. The games we play will help me in everything I need to know for going out in the real world.  The games help me learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and counting money.  The best part is that learning is fun when playing games.


-I am Mrs. Lucy’s student.

The nursery school called me to say Nicholas was the only one that recognized the coins and knew their values.  I told her that’s because we play Highest Count!  Nicholas is 4 1/2  years old.



My son is 4 years old, and he loves to play Got It!  After we play the game, he goes around the house saying, “Got It, Got It, Got it!”  It was so easy for him to to learn to recognize the lower case letters by playing this game.

My mother has dementia, and I am always looking for short easy games to play with her.  All four Play ‘n Learn games are just perfect for us to play.  We have a good time playing these games.